Equipment Rental


Best for campaigns, schools, offices, church.
Rechargeable. Wireless. Indoor and outdoor use.
No set up required. No wires. Just play!

FOCUS 505 V2SD P2,000.00 (5 hours)


For small events with area of 100 square meters.
Approximately for 100 persons.

Package includes:

50 watts power speaker AC/DC
CD / USB music player with remote control
2 wireless microphones Handheld, Lapel or Headset microphone
Aux In for external music players
Mic In for extra wired mic ( not included)
Tripod Stand

STAGE MAN P4,000.00 (5 hours)


For events with area size of 200 square meters.
Approximately for 200 persons.

Package includes:

150 watt power speaker AC/DC
2 wireless handheld microphones
USB / SD card music player
16 selectable frequencies
Aux In for external equipments
Mic In for extra wired mic (not included)
Tripod stand