TAKSTAR DA-237 Talk Back System

PRICE:  P5,500.00


  • Full duplex voice technology automatically recognizes and process voice signal
  • Special anti-side tone processing chip features automatic squelch control and effectively minimize the howling
  • Full automatic communication control technology, wall mount unit(external unit) features integrated microphone and speaker, one cable for convenient connection of the wall mount unit and desktop unit
  • Excellent circuitry for high output power up to 3W and clear sound quality
  • Independent mute control on desktop unit for both external and internal units
  • Audio input function input signal like PC voice warning for customer listening
  • Line output function for recording of internal/external voice signal
  • Cable protection design on desktop unit
  • Compact, elegant design

Bank, stock-exchange, post office, railway station, cashier desk, ticket office and hospital

Operating Voltage DC 12V/1A
Output Power 3W/3W (max)
Frequency Response 100Hz-12kHz
Destop Unit Dimensions 18.2cm x 12.0cm x 5.6cm
Wall Mount Unit Dimensions 6.1cm x 8.5cm x 2.4cm