TAKSTAR DA-251 wireless voice amplifier

PRICE:  P6,996.00

  • VHF system (220-270MHz) with more than 40 kinds of frequency spots to choose
  • simple but light and modern design
  • high fidelity tone quality
  • wide frequency response range
  • low level of distortions
  • smart power supply and special low voltage protection function

Teaching, Speeches and Small-scale activities

Receiver Frequency 220-270MHz (40 kinds frequency spots to choose)
Sensitivity -80dBM (S/N 30dB)
Mute Mode noise locking
Resonance Interfere Rate >50dB
False Image Interfere Rate >50dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 1% (1kHz)
Transmitter: Frequency Steadiness ±0.005%
Transmitter Power 20mw
Harmonic Rejection >40dB m
Working Voltage 9V
Tier battery Current Consume about 35mA
System: Output Power about 10W S/N Ratio: =80dB
Frequency Response 100Hz-12kHz
Input Signal wire MICX1 wireless MICX1
Speaker 4Ω/10W
Power Supply AC 220V/50-60HZ DC 10.8V(2Ah,nickel hydrogen battery)
Using Distance 20m of radius overrun,40m in the open area;
Weight 2kg